I had a love story.

I saw her on my first day at my new workplace. She was beautiful. She kept to herself all the time. My boss changed my seating arrangement to her next seat. I said “Hi” to break the ice,she replied with a “hi” and took to her computer.

Slowly, we developed a bond of friendship. She shared her bag of secrets while I shared mine. It was magical. She was blunt,honest and strong . These qualities attracted me towards her. I was in love with her. Too early?.Nah.I thought this was it. Perfect. But there’s always a catch,right ?

She was in an abusive relationship with her boyfriend. She confided in me the disturbing details of her relationship. I was disturbed, shocked. I wanted to save my lady love. I asked her to walk out,she refused. She said that she had invested too much time on him to walk out. She was suffering every day and I couldn’t see that. I used to tell her often that I will marry her if nobody does. One day ,we had a party at our workplace. It was pretty late when we left ,around 11:30 . Her bf asked her to meet him. I asked her to head straight home rather than meeting him. She did not pay heed to my advice and she went to meet him.

I was heartbroken and I promised myself not to text her ever again(very naive,I know). The next night, I received a text from her stating “Surya,will you marry me?”. I was on cloud nine! I didn’t sleep that night.I just couldn’t. What a feeling! I started writing lovely quotes for my lady love (trust me,they were good :)). Thus started an affair that taught me everything about love, life,myself,everything.

We went on our first date to Carter’s road. It was a Beautiful place ,greenery all around ,a nice walkway ,people in love all around. We connected to many levels that day. Our thoughts matched . Our minds spoke the same things. It was raining and it was the perfect setup. Oh boy, I was in love. She was too in love with me,i was told.

The next few days started killing me everyday . Jealousy , anger ,mistrust,words stabbed us . We had fights of some cruel nature. Words hurt more than actions, I realised. I was fed up , I was about to give up , but my heart said ” you love her,don’t give up ” . I was the first one most of the time to reach a compromise. I would do anything to save this relationship.

Love is great until you give away too much – my heart.

We always managed to save us . I loved her. She loved her. Fuck the fights. I left work due to some personal reasons. She told me that it didn’t matter if we didn’t meet everyday,we will last forever. I loved this woman.

We were so much in love since my departure. Distance makes you love more. Then one day,the ‘I love yous’ and ‘I miss yous’ stooped. I knew something wasn’t right. She wasn’t being her usual self. I asked her about it and she said that she needed time to think to commit to me. I thought we were tight, we couldn’t go wrong.

“Shaadi,karegi kya?” (Will you marry me?) is our magic word. Whenever things go wrong we asked each other the magic statement and everything would fall in place.

We had a major fight on Thursday. She was pissed off ,I was too. We didn’t speak the whole day. I texted her yesterday, “Shaadi karegi kya?” and I knew it would solve everything. She replied “no” and my hands typed a smiley and switched off my phone.

She texted “I’m sorry ” last night. She called ,i was asleep. Things are not the same maybe they never will be.

Time will heal everything for good. Maybe she’s gone forever,maybe she just needs time. I have never loved anyone this deeply before.

I just hope I receive “Surya,shaadi karega kya?” again some day.

I poured my heart out today. It feels good.

Thank you for reading guys.


A green leaf on a dark tide.

This is not a long post.just a short summary of how I’m feeling now.

They say that when you pen your emotions,your thoughts.. they get immortal.

Mumbai is a fast city.Too fast some might say. To feel I sense of void in this  ever-busy city where people don’t wait might seem superficial but its true. A city where people connect, their hearts connect at the same rattling speed at which this blessed city moves.I feel void today because when I look at how fast time flies,I feel a need to catch time and store it in a box forever.One of my closest friends will leave for pune next week for job opportunities (Happy for you ,mate),when I look back at our time spent ,I pick up the pieces of Laughter, tears,fun ..these things define a human relationship and that is fast blowing away from this city.As You go to do your stuff tomorrow, pause for a moment, take a deep breadth,think about the hearts that you have touched and the hearts that you have broken.

A simple Good morning would bring a sunflower smile to their faces.

Thank you for reading the blog.God bless !!