What do we want?

Being loved, being pampered, being desired is what everyone wants. But whatever you do, you will never get enough of it. Physical intimacy plays a great role in a relationship. But is it enough for a healthy relationship? Love is the cornerstone of this world they say.But is it enough for a relationship to prosper? Nobody knows.

As people move from one relationship to another, forming new relationship, breaking old ones.. the dynamics start to change. Everyone wants something different from a relationship.

I met my ex-girlfriend today.We had a quick hello-how are you session. And then I left. I could see the disappointment in her eyes.She wanted to talk ..but I wonder y I didn’t had the same urge.

As we all try to mend broken relationships,let’s keep in mind what they want rather than what we want.

This post is for you,babe.


A green leaf on a dark tide.

This is not a long post.just a short summary of how I’m feeling now.

They say that when you pen your emotions,your thoughts.. they get immortal.

Mumbai is a fast city.Too fast some might say. To feel I sense of void in this  ever-busy city where people don’t wait might seem superficial but its true. A city where people connect, their hearts connect at the same rattling speed at which this blessed city moves.I feel void today because when I look at how fast time flies,I feel a need to catch time and store it in a box forever.One of my closest friends will leave for pune next week for job opportunities (Happy for you ,mate),when I look back at our time spent ,I pick up the pieces of Laughter, tears,fun ..these things define a human relationship and that is fast blowing away from this city.As You go to do your stuff tomorrow, pause for a moment, take a deep breadth,think about the hearts that you have touched and the hearts that you have broken.

A simple Good morning would bring a sunflower smile to their faces.

Thank you for reading the blog.God bless !!